Electronic Mentorship

TappedIn.org was a great tool for me to use during my student teaching experience. I tried to be very active on it and I can see that all together I had 38 posts in comparison to other students who had a lot less. I think this tells me and shows you that it had a significant bearing on my student teaching experience. During the day I enjoyed logging on and sort of find other people who were in the same situation as I was during my student teaching.
On a daily basis Tappedin.org offered me a place to search for ideas. Though I was not able to implement any of the ideas I gathered from TappedIn, I think it never the less helped me develop ideas and visions which I hope to implement later on in my own teaching career.
Most importantly Tappedin.org helped me become the Educational Leader the School of Education has tried to make. Aside from being an educational leader during my own experience, TappedIn helped me be a reflective practitioner without having to develop all the ideas on my own. This is what I valued most about TappedIn. I could start an idea and if I was stuck on it I could get help from other educational leaders. Together we could then develop sophisticated ideas one would otherwise not have been able to develop. Furthermore TappedIn let me display myself as a Content Expert. Since the number of German teachers was very limited in comparison to the number of for example Spanish teachers I think I was a valued addition to the website. Most obviously TappedIn.org helped me be an effective collaborator. Collaboration with other teachers across the US really helped give me strength, especially at times during which I felt disillusioned and frustrated with the American school system.
TappedIn will stand strong when at time the education system might not. For this reason I value TappedIn and I think every teacher should be aware of such possibilities. My student teacher enjoyed reading the comments posted and she said she had never before heard of such a webpage. Overall I was very pleased with my TappedIn experience.


Technology Presentation: GOOGLE EARTH, WEB QUEST: Germany

SITE: Google Earth
SEARCH: Fly to Berlin, Germany, and other places in Germany


The following are points of interest to be sought out by each student and reported out at the end of class. Working in pairs, students should find the location assigned to them and create a PowerPoint about the sight. Also with the help of the computer they are to zoom into their location starting with an overall view of Europe, then Germany, then the German state it is located in etc. Most of these points are in Berlin. I wanted to focus on Berlin, because it is the capitol, but this project could easily be done with any major German city.

*Objective of this lesson
The objective is to make the students understand and demonstrate their understanding of a major German city. I want the students to understand that Germany is just as developed as the US if not more. Using Google Earth students can navigate around Germany and familiarize themselves with the map.

Find the following key landmarks in Berlin and Germany:

1. Potsdamer Platz
2. Sony Square
3. KaDeWe
4. Kaiser Willhelm Gedaechtniskirche
5. Kurfuerstendamm
6. Schloss Bellevue
7. Bismarck Denkmal Tiergarten
8. Kreuzberg 36
9. Schillerdenkmal
10. Berlin Wall
11. Berliner Dom
12. Tempelhof International Airport
13. Berlin discotheque bombing
14. Checkpoint Charlie
15. Maerkisches Viertel
16. Berlin Tegel International Airport
17. Pfaunsee
18. the Black Triangle
19. West Eifel Volcanic Field
21. The Alps
22.West Germany/East Germany

After you found the sight you may use Google to find more information about a sight and to enhance your PowerPoint.

2. As a follow up activity to this, I had another idea to let students use Google Earth to give each other directions. My students currently are learning to give each other directions. Using Google Earth students could navigate other students from one destination to another. Since this would be a bit more complicated than the simple navigating that they are currently learning this could be done in a higher level German class.

ok, finally found the password again! sorry. i will write it down for the future...


webpage has a number of items on it, but log in necessary. Found some cool vocabulary quizzes for German on it. Has a visual dictionary with many clip art items to use for vocabulary.

have used this webpage before. I like the tool kit for teachers on the right. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. Doesn’t look like it has anything for German teachers.

not too sure if I like this webpage. I don’t think it’d be anything that could help me.as a teacher

nothing for me…

looks like a good page for people who can use it, but it doesn’t seem to have much in the way of things for German class.

yay this webpage led me to this webpage:
which looks pretty sweet. Lots of information to be gotten for beginning German

wow, they have Yiddish but no German? Not too impressed.

good things to integrate technology into the classroom. I don’t like signing up for accounts or subscriptions without prior knowledge about a webpage’s service, so I cannot tell for sure if it is really good information.

wasn’t this the computer teachers portaportal from last year? What was her name again? Karen Richardson? Very useful page…. A lot of information, feel overwhelmed. I’d need to spend time with this when I need to use it.