I plan on using a webquest during my unit on World War II for my technology implementation project. I have seen them used at Gloucester and they seem to be an effective way of engaging the students in both the content matieral and technology without giving them too much freedom to get off task.

http://www.4teachers.org/ is a great resource for teachers. My favorite aspect of the website is the tools for teachers box on the right side of homepage. It has a link to one of my favorite websites, Rubistar. Rubistar is a great tool for creating rubrics, which can be overwhelmingly time consuming when constructed from scratch but are useful in giving students guidelines for projects and papers. It also has links to websites that can help teachers find webquests or lessons and create and post class notes.

http://www.wtvi.com/teks/tools/ is a website where teachers can find ideas about how to incorporate technology into their classroom. I find this website especially helpful because my high school education had little to no technology use so it is easy for me to fall into the same patterns of instruction that I am used to. I think I am more likely to use technology if I can see clear ways in which to incorporate it into my instruction.

http://school.discovery.com/lessonplans/ is a great place to find lesson plans. Lesson planning is probably my greatest fear as we go into student teaching because of how much time it will take, but this website has great ideas for lessons that I can use in the classroom without staying up all night trying to “reinvent the wheel.”