Brandon Emerson
Secondary Mathematics
College of William & Mary

Implementation Report:

Tapped-In Response:

Newest Webquest

The Idea:
Create a Webquest to show students that Trigonometry can be used to describe natural phenomena using

The Lesson Plan:
Students from my Algebra II - Trig class will be given the homepage for the WebQuest and will be asked to complete the project on their own time. The WebQuest should take no longer than 2-3 hours with a 1-3 page paper to be turned in afterwards. Provided on the site is a guide to completing the quest, a page with useful resources for the students to use, and a description of the final assignment for the WebQuest.

The WebQuest:

I interviewed one of the members of the IT department and came up with the following information. If you have any further information, feel free to post to the discussion page!

I also have a powerpoint that people might rather look at instead of a listing that talks about technology at Woodside High School:

Note: I appologize because I am not able to include the sound with this PowerPoint at the moment (It came with narration)

Implementation Project

The Idea:
Create a 90 minute, technology-based lesson plan for arithmetic sequences that reviews the idea of sequences and recursion formulas and teaches the student about Arithmetic sequences through an online tutorial with understanding checks using

The Lesson Plan:
I am including the whole unit in this page in case anyone gets an interest in teaching Algebra II (Sequences and Series). This unit includes everthing from reading comprehension, to technology integration, to tests and worksheets. The lesson that is based around technology is on pages 6 and 7 (day two of the unit). Enjoy!

Worth Noting

Outside of this new unit that I will be teaching at the beginning of March, I have created and taught a math lesson that was based around powerpoint. I was very interested to see how it would work, but it turned out to be a very effective approach because the animation allowed the students to see what was happening. The lesson is on adding, subtracting and multiplying polynomials. Have fun!

Note: A few of the slides may seem jumbled, but that is because there is animation. I have only added this view of the slideshow to give you an idea of what it looks like before you download the actual file.

Math Online

Here are some links that I have found especially useful for teaching math.

This is a very nice website for teachers of any mathematics. There are numerous resources that can be used from calanders with problems of the day ( to useful ebooks such as principles and standards ( All you need is a membership that can be the most valuable as a teacher.

This is a very nice site that includes many podcasts and video podcasts that my EDU 330 class completed. Search around and you might find some very useful information or just get a feel for how to use technology in the classroom.

This site is specifically for math. There are many other parts to TeacherFirst, but this is what I was specifically interested in. Constantly, I am trying to find ways to integrate math and technology, and these are some nice resources for problems and puzzles.

Rubistar is a brilliant place to get rubrics for any class and any assignment. I was told to never create my own rubric becauce chances are someone has created it for me. This is a brilliant place to search for rubrics and I have used numerous rubrics from this site for my own units (especially my text-driven unit).

4Teachers has another hit with this site. Though most of the worksheets seem to be specifically for certain teachers, there are so many worksheets that can be reformated or rearranged to make a good worksheet for your class/subject. Using this website can save a lot of time in typing up your own worksheets for activities.

QuizStar is the last site I will post from 4Teachers. They provide an interesting idea for making quizzes and having students take them on the computer instead of in the classroom. This goes against conventional ideas for mathematics, which is why I am willing to try it in the future.

Honestly, I cannot count how many times I have used this website (powered by Drexel) in my past math classes. Some of the information on this website might be a little bit to high leveled for students in middle school or high school, but there are many problems and ideas that ARE applicable to high school math classes. In specific, I plan on using this listing for my Sequences and Series unit:,12.14,ALL,ALL/

I haven't had a chance to try any of the lessons provided on this website, but look forward to doing so. There are so many lessons, projects, activities, etc for math that I am interested in using. The best part is that you can search by academic level and what you want.

One of my most hated subjects in math is Trigonometry. This website provides a decent overview of trig that students and teachers alike can look over to either brush up or learn new concepts.

I have mainly looked at the architecture projects on this site, but there are so many more ideas, articles and videos that can be explored. My favorite part of the site is that there are many videos that have been compiled based on some of the articles.