Katie Midland and Julie Owen: Tech Inventory of Grafton High School

Website thoughts:
Alright, so for the third time, I shall try to actually get my response posted.

On the Teachers First website, there is a link to Taking It Global (http://www.teachersfirst.com/archives/newsource.cfm?id=7706), which I think is a great resource for students to use to gain a broader idea of the world in which they live. I think it would be a particularly useful website for 10th grade world literature courses that often involve some form of research paper.

4Teachers has awesome resources (http://www.4teachers.org/). I’m a big fan of the Rubistar and Quizstar. I like the idea of having tools to create things that often become extremely time consuming. I noticed, however, on the site that many of the tools require that I have an idea or a plan. They help with the logistics but not the planning. I also love the Classroom Architect, and I plan on using it for my management paper.

The Rice website has a useful set of English sources (http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/schoo/resou.html). I’m particularly interested in using the Authors link (http://www.lib.lsu.edu/hum/lit/authors.html) from LSU to research the works and authors I will be teaching. It has reliable information that will prove useful. Also, I like the Encyclopedia Mythica (http://www.pantheon.org/), because it provides information for student research or for my reference. I’m not particularly strong in my knowledge of mythology, so it’s good to know where I can go for quick access to information.

Blue Web’n (http://www.kn.pacbell.com/wired/bluewebn/) has a lot of useful lesson plans. I like that the site includes the information from quality teachers and schools from around the country. I look forward to looking into the site when I have a specific lesson to create.

Tech Implementation Project:

I created a WebQuest for four classes of English 12 students. Two of the classes are inclusion classes, and each class includes high achieving students who would benefit from an Honors 12 course as well as those who struggle with the mechanics and comprehension of language.

To Provide students with an opportunity to:
- Evaluate information for value and significance
- Investigate further into the lives of the Romantic poets
- Evaluate self-chosen poetry for meaning
- Connect art with literature
- Self-teach with the final cover letter assignment

Filimentality generated WebQuest website and a guided worksheet for students to use to record information
(edit: the Filimentality website went down, so I had to create a worksheet the night before the project)

1. Students identify specific biographic information about one of the big five Romantic Era poets
2. Students choose one of the poet's poems to analyze for meaning and relationship to his biography
3. Students find a Romantic Era artwork that connects to their summary of the poem they chose
4. Students use the Owl at Purdue website to research cover letters and complete a cover letter for a new career for their chosen poet

1. Student packets collected and graded for completion and accuracy of information
2. Cover letters evaluated for the quality of biographic information they include about the poet they chose as well as ability to research
and discern the correct format.

Reflection of Tapped-In Mentorship Experience: