here is the link to my tech inventory (took me a while to figure this out)
here is the link to my implementation project proposed lesson I have been having trouble uploading these to the wiki, but i finally figure it out!
My rubrics are print outs so I am going to have to figure out how to upload pdf those should be up soon too!

For my implementation project I plan on having my students do long-term research on Latin American countries and at the end of the semester we will make a series for the "Travel" channel using movie maker having students present their longterm research in a TV segment format. As part of another unit students will make commercials for stores they will create and we can use those to make the "show" more realistic.

Locating and Evaluating Web Resources
here are the things i found to be most interesting...
neat webquest project about Spanish-speaking countries
i thought this was a really fun sight to play around on and come up with your "ideal" classroom. thought it would be cool for elementary or middle school teachers thinking about their classroom layout
this is awesome for teachers of ESL students (native Spanish-speakers) important to keep parents who speak another language involved in what their children are doing in the classroom!
neat website...I found the Spanish stuff to be really helpful for ideas for my class...great lesson plans and web resources
i thought this was so cool....i am a very visual learner and thought that these would be great ways to have students organize their ideas visually

Technology Inventory Worksheet
Interview with Bob Bruce and Donna Billcheck
Investigate the answers to the following questions even if you think you know the answer…

1. What computers are available for you to use?
Any computer in the 2 labs, the library, or the lab in the library is available. There are also computers in the faculty offices that we can use.
2. What computers are available for your students to use?
The computers in the 2 regular labs, the library, and the lab in the library are available, although all the labs need to be scheduled in advance. Some of the classrooms that involve technology also have computers for the students, such as the classroom that holds the AP Computer Science class. There are also two laptop carts with 16 laptops each that we can use.
3. What procedures are required in order to use these computers?
All the labs need to be scheduled in advance for whole class use, using the scheduling books that are located in the library or the labs. The laptop carts also need to be signed out. The computers in the library can be used at any time by anyone.
4. Is there a shared space for saving files to the school network?
Yes. Each teacher has a space that her students can sign onto to save projects for her class. That way the teacher can access all student work in one place.
5. Does the school allow the students to use wikis or blogs? No, not through the school. Also, most blog sites are blocked.
6. Can you publish web pages on the school server? Yes.
7. Who is responsible for computer maintenance and how do you contact them? There are a few IT staff members. One is full time and then are a few part time. You can contact them with a problem. You are supposed to go to the “Help Desk” on the computers and send a message. Also, teachers often just email IT for help.
8. What is the protocol for getting a site unblocked if needed? You must go to either the IT staff or Donna Billcheck and Bob Bruce to get it approved.
9. Where is the AUP teachers and students sign? In the front office.
10. Do students have email accounts? No.

Use the matrix to identify available hardware supplies, location, and procedure for use:

Item Location Procedure for Use
Projection device Audiovisual Department Sign out, all sign-outs you can do online or in person

Printer Faculty offices, one in each lab Anyone can use from any of the computers

Scanner One in each lab, and in faculty offices. Anyone can use.

Digital Camera Audiovisual department Sign out

Digital Video Camera Audiovisual department Sign out

Analog Video Camera
Audiovisual department Sign out

Video Conferencing

None yet

Use the matrix below to identify available software applications by type location, student/teachers access and procedure to access.

Software Type Name of Application Location Procedure to Access T=Teacher
Word Processor

Microsoft Word Every computer Use on any computer T and S

Microsoft Excel Every computer Use on any computer T and S

Microsoft Access Every computer Use on any computer T and S

MovieMaker, PowerPoint, Photo Project Every computer Use on any computer T and S

WorldBook, Encarta, TechEncyclopedia, The World Factbook, Infoplease, iTools, OneLookDictionary, Biographical Dictionary, Bartlett’s Quotations, U.S. Gazetteer, Big6ResearchModel, The Citation Machine, Electric Library, Find It Virginia, SIRS, Current History Journal of Contemporary World Affairs, College Source Every Computer Use on any computer, also can use at home with passwords that staff can give you T and S
Curriculum Related

Plato, Inspiration, Algebra and other math programs, Dreamweaver, BlackBoard Every computer Use on any computer T and S

For Staff, email linked to school website Any computer with internet connection Use on any computer, including home computer, with internet connection T
Web Publishing

Microsoft FrontPage All computers Use on any computer T and S